Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today I was reading and I came across the word to bless or blessings. A word that is so fundamental to the Christian faith and used in a plethora of different “spiritual” situations. I went through many years of theological training and I cannot remember as conversation, lecture, or message that explained the theology of blessings or about what it means when people are blessed by God. I went through my personal library and only found a couple of references and these were more about how God felt about his creation and it was blessed because creation was a reflection of him.

There are several common uses of different variations of the word blessed in the scriptures. It was a salutation along the lines of shalom. It also is used to describe the idea of being fortunate or happy; this is how Jesus used it in the beatitudes.  It is also found as a verb where someone is giving praise about something.  Finally, it is often used as a descriptor of something that is bestowing benefits.
How does to be blessed work? Is it something that you ask for and beg God for? Is it a word you use to describe how lucky you are that something good happened in your life?  Perhaps it is better used as a state being, “I am blessed.”

However, it works as a Christian who is committed to being a fully devoted follower of him, I want to effectively communicate this idea of blessing. From what I have read, I am powerless to do anything, or work hard enough to obtain it. I am blessed not because God has provided for me materially, relationally, or socially. I am blessed because I am child of God. 

Perhaps the most important thing I can do as a blessed child of God comes from Genesis 12:2. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. (ESV) I don't believe that blessings are for me to brag about how much God loves me.  I am not blessed because I am a minister. I am not blessed because I give to the church, and I am certainly not blessed because I have enough faith.  It's not about material things or some sort of social position as the blessed one. I am blessed so I can bless others. I am blessed because God chooses to reflect his love off me so people can see Christ through who I am. Christians are blessed by God to see his Kingdom on Earth more clearly.

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