Monday, March 25, 2013

Passion Week and Faith

Passion Week must have been crazy for the disciples. During the course of  just a week, Jesus goes from being exalted, to be condemned, by the same people. We see Jesus doing an amazing miracle with Lazarus to being shunned by the religious leaders of the day. How painful it must have been for his disciples to watch someone they have grown to love and trust, to be so ruthlessly and unjustifiably adjudicated. Perhaps that is what made the resurrection even more meaningful. To watch the Lord come back to life under his own power is something that must have been an indescribable motivator.

Today we can still be motivated by that same power. Faith is the fuel that helps us be motivated to follow Christ with continually more of our lives. Perhaps the key is to start small. Ask God to give you the opportunity to exercise your faith in some smaller things. Then, as your faith grows, God will motivate you to do more and more. Perhaps those people around you will see your faith and be motivated to make their first step of faith.  Jesus demonstrated his power through what happened on Passion Week thousands of years ago and his continues to demonstrate his power through every Christian as they follow him by faith.

Inviting Somone To Church

Inviting people to church should not just be an Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Eve thing. However, these special days make it easy to invite people to church because there is still an underlying “thing” that makes people feel like if they call themselves a Christian this is the bare minimum they need to give to God. This is a great opportunity for committed believers to take a step in their spiritual journey and invite people to church. People want to be invited because they feel like this is a Sunday they need to attend. If someone they know attends it make somewhere it even easier to go back a second time. Below is a message that I delivered to motivate people to invite someone they know to church this Sunday.