Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thriving Spiritually

Are you thriving spiritually or are you stagnant? Maybe an easier question is are you a better follower of Christ today than you were this time last year? If not why? What’s holding you back? Are you engaging in what is arguably the most important of all spiritual activities?  

As we read the scriptures and even more specifically in Acts 2, we find that believers thrived in community. At Stetson Baptist Church it’s not any different. Research shows that people who are involved in a group environment read their Bibles, pray, give, and serve more than those who are not in a group. Simply put groups are an essential component to spiritual growth. Here at Stetson Baptist Church, we have three different types of groups to engage in:
Sunday School Groups
It is so important to connect with people that can relate or are in the same stage of life, and during our Sunday school hours, it is easy. Every Sunday morning, you can find many groups of people who, like you, are seeking to discover and live out the purposes of God in their lives. Our Sunday School classes are designed to help everyone feel comfortable. We share our burdens, celebrate victories, and offer support. Across all ages, the Sunday groups follow the same teaching plan. This alignment allows parents to talk to their child about their classes knowing that they both talked about the same topic.

Weekday Groups
Relationships are vital to a believer. During the week, groups meet on and off campus to explore God’s word around a dinner table or in a living room. These groups will often study things that are relevant to their life situation. Whether it is a parenting study or exploring a book of the Bible, these groups provide attendees the opportunity for meaningful discussion and interaction with other members of the group.

Short-Term Groups
During the year you will find opportunities for short term groups that study a book of the Bible or a topic. These short-term groups will typically meet for 6-12 weeks and work through a book or a topic of study.
If all you do is come to worship on a Sunday, you are settling for less than God’s best for your life. Get involved and see what God will do in your life. Life change happens best in the context of relationships and being in a group is a great catalyst for meaningful relationships.